Monday, November 24, 2008

The Griffiths

Update on the Griffith's!!!!
Makaela was a Princess and Aubri was a Ladybug for Halloween.

Makaela dressed Aubri up for fun!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pictures...for you Cousins!

Justin inspired me to get out some old pictures and post one a week. Well I couldn’t post just one after going through them…at least not the first week. After this week our family is pulling out one photo and will be posting it but for now this is for the cousins….
I thought this picture was great! Please notice Doug under Nathan with a knife…too funny!

WOW Doug so Strong! I believe John was the photographer is this picture and captured Doug moving a car.

They used to say Doug and I looked like twins…probably cause my lovely haircut I gave myself oh and him too.

Yes…Multiple Family unit. I believe this is the trip Nate set the forest on fire and we stopped it with his Dr. Pepper.

Gotta Love our dollar Grandma….I love her so much I named my Child/Puppy after her…LOLA LEILA

And this is a picture of Cousin Ryan and I….so cute when we were little!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures…..can’t wait to post the next one with my Dad in short shorts…get ready!
Love you all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anderson Update!

Lola and Harley at Grandma and Grandpa Wisniewski's...Lola needed her coat it was sooo cold.

Cory and Harley relaxing. Best buds!!!!

Cory and I

Julie and I at Amy's wedding!