Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Wisniewski clan is growing!

Jay and Nicole are expecting! So exciting! The Wisniewski family is getting bigger! Is it a boy or a girl? Some hope it is a boy to carry on the Wisniewski name. Or even a baby girl would be great but lets hope they name her something simple so she doesn’t have to deal with strange looks at the grocery store when they try to say thank you Ms. Wisiswisowski, or thank you Ms. Wihisiswaski. But whether a boy or girl it will be loved and have great parents!

For those who didn’t know Hailee and Josh are having a boy! She is due April 30th!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sad little thing...

Mark (Dad) has always been very persistent with the upkeep on his yard. I remember when us kids were growing up we’d sit and look out the bay window of our house on Flume Canyon. Dad would be raking up leafs while the wind was blowing and more were flying around. He’d rake the top grass and continue down to the bottom lawn. When he was done he’s look back at the top lawn and it would be covered with leaves again. Or we would sit by the back door on our bar stools that we placed over the heater in a snow storm and watch our dad shovel snow in a blizzard. You could barely see him because it was completely white outside. When he’d come in we say “Dad how come you don’t just shovel when it stops snowing”. He would look at us like what kind of question was that? And say “I’d have twice as much!”
I would think to myself…my parents yard is going to be absolutely amazing when I grow up, just think how much experience my dad will have with all the yard work he does. Then to my surprise I received an email from Jay. Mark (dad) had planted a Photinia bush (this is what it should look like)
last year and has been waiting….. well looks like he’ll be waiting for a while longer while for it to turn into a beautiful bush. Because this is what his looks like –
Sorry Dad! I guess as you get older maybe your green thumb doesn’t get greener.
Love –